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Supplies & Suppliers  

Ukulele Supplies on "Da Big Island"

Full Service Merchants

  • Stewart-MacDonald (http://www.stewmac.com) "Everything for building and repairing stringed instruments"
  • Luthieriers Mercantile International (http://www.lmii.com)  Another full service merchant for building and repairing stringed intruments 

Speciality Suppliers

  • DePaule Supplyhttp://www.luthiersupply.com, 541/607-8971, shell blanks, pre-cut inlays, ABS plastic binding, inlay design book, pearl nuts & saddles and more, no minimum order
  • The Composites Store, www.cstsales.com Carbon fiber rods for strengthening necks. BIUG member Tom Parse provided us with this tip for inexpensive 24-inch carbon fiber rods. Type T723L2 in the search window.
  • Klingspor Abrasives, http://www.klingspor.com/  Abrasives, sanding supplies (belts, discs, drums, sheets)
  • Starbond super glue http://www.starbond.com/

Wood Suppliers


Local Services

Blade Sharening Service - Kamuela     "DC's The Cutting EdgeSharpens a wide variety of saw blades and Forrest and Frued.  Right up in Kamuela and does drop off in Kona occasionally.

Blade Sharening Service - Kea'au  808-982-7065  Table saw sharpening in Kea’au on the Eastside by Mark at Sharp Point Services . Good work at reasonable prices. 

Resaw Services  808-937-5452  Matthew D'Avella, a local woodworker, does re-sawing, when he has the time. He's in the same building as Aloha Woods, but it's always best to call him.

Bandsaw Blades 808-966-6323  In bulk rolls or welded lengths from Pegasus Guitars in Kurtistown. Best prices and best quality Hakansson Brand blades from Sweden with hardened teeth. Shipping by U.S. Mail available. 808-966-6323

Gumball Guitar

Articles, Photosites & Videos of Interest

Pinterest Smart Guitars http://pinterest.com/bbetsy0/smart-guitars/   An online photo pinboard of some very cool guitars.  Wild embellishments, custom artwork, & gumballs!

Dennis Lake Expose  "Intent is Everything to Luthier Dennis Lake - The Making of an Expert"

Ke Ola magazine article about the BIUG Exhibit, the Guild itself and a nice profile of some of our members. 

Ukulele Internet Forums & Discussion Boards

BIUG Forum http://bigislandukuleleguild.org/forum/

Ukulele Underground http://ukuleleunderground.com/forum/